Our Vision

In an industry that depends on trust, we lead the way. Our disciplined military values mean we take pride in delivering exceptional levels of service and working to the highest standards.


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Due to our ethical, staff-centred approach, our workforce offers a professionalism, commitment and integrity that are unmatched in the security business.


Armed Forces Veterans

We work throughout the UK with clients large and small. In today’s uncertain world, we stand ready to meet any security challenge.


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Our Services

Comprehensive and innovative, our services keep you protected from every eventuality.

From 24/7 property protection to front-of-house personnel, to end-to-end security packages, our extensive range of services meets your every need, and our industry expertise is unparalleled.

Our security team is the best of the best: highly trained, qualified and motivated to deliver the protection and peace of mind you need in today's changing world.

Security in Residence Service

Ensure your valuable property asset has round-the-clock protection with our professional resident caretaking occupation and 24/7 accredited security service.

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Our military heritage means we can supply a higher calibre of security guard: qualified, experienced, taking pride in their work.

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Security Fundamentals

Use our expertise to audit and assess your security needs - we’ll build a comprehensive and evolving package that will keep your assets protected and give you complete peace of mind.

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Our unique motion activated camera service constantly monitors and rapidly captures security threats identified at your property from our blend of technology solutions, escalating risks to our own 24/7 monitoring team for assessment and an immediate response.

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Our Story

Founded to bring real military professionalism - and an ethical approach - to the security industry.

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The majority of our close-knit team are ex-Armed Forces, which means our people are a cut above. We are a truly ethical business committed to integrity and excellence, with a strong focus on giving back.

It's our goal to disrupt the security industry by providing an outstanding and innovative services while empowering our staff and making a difference in the world. We constantly strive to be better.

Your Security Journey

We listen

We recommend

We implement

We evaluate

We evolve

Your security needs are unique. We’ll gain an in-depth understanding of your business and requirements, enabling a thorough analysis of the risks you face. We aim to build a solid partnership from day one.

Using an open, flexible approach, we’ll work with you to agree a bespoke service proposal designed to meet your specific needs and budget.

With typical military efficiency, we’ll quickly put everything in place: contracts, SLAs, procedures - and most importantly, our highly trained and motivated team of dedicated security experts. It’s time for us to deliver.

When everything’s running smoothly and according to plan, we fight complacency. Daily reporting, routine risk assessments and regularly seeking your feedback keeps us on our toes for the length of the assignment.

Are we still effective? Has the risk changed? We’re continually thinking ahead, analysing and adapting to your changing needs to protect you from the risks of the future.

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Giving Back

It's our ethical approach that makes us unique - our Corporate Social Responsibility is something we take seriously. We pay our staff fairly, and empower every member of the team to develop their career with further training and advanced qualifications.

Our connection to the Armed Forces means we’re able to help ex-servicemen and women reintegrate into the workforce, while making the most of their experience and discipline. We believe in giving back, and are proud to be involved in a number of community projects in Nepal.

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