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Company Salutes Departing Operations Director

After six years of service and high achievement at Vigilance, the company bids its fondest farewell to operations director Laxman Pun who will be stepping down this May to pursue fresh challenges closer to his Yorkshire home.

Impeccable Skill

Vigilance directors, staff and grateful clients are united in thanking Laxman for his contribution and acknowledge the impeccable skill and expertise that he has brought to his director's role. His senior management input has been unstinting and committed since the company's formative years and it is with real nostalgia that we see him leave.

Friendship & Family

Departures are always difficult, but doubly so in Vigilance's close-knit team where the workplace is bound by bonds of family and friendship. Laxman Pun hails from the small Gurkha hill village community of Chiuribot in Western Nepal. His military career in the Brigade of Ghurkas began in February 1985, and he counts among current staff many 'numberys' who joined alongside him. For that reason Laxman's decision to focus his attention closer to home is entirely understandable, following a professional career that has seen him deployed all over the globe, both in peacetime and in war.

Polished Career

Through talent and unstinting application over a career spanning 25 years Laxman was promoted to the rank of Captain, confirming himself a soldier and commander of rare ability. Following his Army retirement in August 2010, he applied further career polish at Vigilance, first as operations manager and later via promotion in April 2015 to operations director. Over six year's of consistent growth and challenge Laxman has brought calm capability to his role.


Laxman's departure from Vigilance leaves an enduring legacy both in the firm's operational foundations but also in our ongoing CSR activities. Vigilance has rebuilt the Siddartha School in Laxman's home village. His unique input to this exceptional charitable endeavour has afforded Vigilance, its staff, customers and friends alike the extraordinary privilege of partaking in a vital and life-affirming project. Laxman will continue to champion the Siddartha School as a key ambassador, assuring Vigilance's ongoing CSR commitment after the school's official opening this October.

Valete & Future Success!

All at Vigilance wish Laxman the greatest success in his exciting new ventures, while welcoming him as an hounourary ex officio member of Vigilance's extended family. Valete Laxman, Vigilance salutes you!


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