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Directors Attend Premiere Screening of #VeteransWork

Vigilance directors were proud to attend a film premiere screening yesterday evening showcasing the value of hiring veterans into the UK workforce. 

Working in association with Deloitte UK and the Officer’s Association, a series of short films were shown which exemplified our long-standing view that those from a military background can bring strong leadership, teamwork and communication skills to the civilian workforce. 

A lack of understanding 

The #VeteransWork initiative again indicated that veterans still struggle to gain a foothold in civilian employment. This is exacerbated further perhaps through a lack of understanding from the corporate world surrounding key skills shown by those coming from a military background. A recent Deloitte study showed that only 66% of large and medium organisations perceived that veterans possess good communication skills. 

At Vigilance we understand that strong communication is merely one of the transferrable skills a military background imparts. We are extremely proud that over three quarters of our management team are ex-Armed Forces and the vast majority of the operations staff are former officers and senior NCOs. 

Ongoing support

Vigilance CEO Seb MacKenzie-Wilson and COO Ed Mills said of the event

“We were enthused by the presentation and remain ever steadfast and evangelical about the benefits of veteran engagement and applaud the #VeteransWork initiative.” 

Vigilance are looking forward to working in the coming months with the initiative and engaging with the proposed storytelling forum to positively promote the employment of veterans within workforces. 


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