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Protecting your property this summer

Summer is traditionally a time we all relax a bit and take some time off, so there might be a disruption to normal routines. Ideal conditions for criminals and squatters looking to access vacant properties, whether residential or commercial.

Before you do go away, it’s therefore essential to make sure everything’s in place to keep your property secure. Don’t let someone take advantage of the quiet period to occupy or exploit the property for their own gain. The risks your property might be facing include vandalism, theft and squatting, particularly if it’s residential. An empty home in a quiet street can offer rich pickings during the summer season. You don’t want to come home to an unexpected, expensive surprise.

Commercial properties face increased risk if property managers and other tenants are away; reduced presence and fewer visitors can make a property more vulnerable. Squat raves have been in the headlines recently, and can cause enormous amounts of damage in a short space of time. Organisers only need a short window of opportunity, so summer is a particularly high-risk time for these parties that - with the reach of social media - can rapidly get out of control. Savvy property owners should consider increasing surveillance and an occupation or a frequent schedule of visits by a trusted security firm to ensure no uninvited guests gain access while you’re away.

Property hijacking is another growing trend. This is a scam where fake tenants adopt a property owner’s identity and attempt to sell it to a cash buyer, eventually disappearing with the money. It’s another good reason for property owners not to leave their assets unoccupied or unattended while they are away, in case of opportunists like these.

Our recommendations for protecting your property this summer:

  1. Conduct a thorough security risk assessment for your property to determine the local or seasonal threats it may be subject to in your absence.

  2. Review your current security arrangements, and check if they’ll be adequate protection during a period of increased absence or vacancy.

  3. Consult security professionals for an objective assessment of your property’s vulnerabilities.

  4. Instruct an accredited and trusted supplier of security services that you can be confident will supply whatever additional protective measures you consider are appropriate.

  5. Ensure that your property does not go unattended for long periods while you’re away.

  6. Put in place an escalation protocol so that in your absence a responsible authorised person can be contacted in the event of any problems.

Then feel free to apply sun lotion, lie back, and relax!

Further insights from our CEO:

“Don't leave your property unattended without any form of monitoring or protection in place and assume that you will return to find it precisely as you left it. There are countless threats out there, and unless these are adequately assessed, and sensibly addressed with relevant security provisions, there is a chance that on returning from  the pleasure of a holiday you may uncover the pain of an uninvited and unwanted situation at your property. This may prove difficult and expensive to correct.”Seb MacKenzie-Wilson, CEO Vigilance

At Vigilance, we’re highly experienced in helping property owners mitigate the risks they face, all year round. Prevention is definitely better than cure. This means putting the right security measures in place, at the right time. In fact, our bespoke approach means that we can tailor the ideal security package for your needs and budget.

We’ll assess what your property needs, and supply the security expertise, personnel, hardware and whatever else you require, so you have peace of mind around the clock. We work flexibly, which means that if things change we’re able to quickly adapt and keep your assets protected, whether it’s a commercial or private residential property.

Talk to us to find out more about how we could help your peace of mind this summer. Get in touch at


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