News 13.04.18

S.O Good Award to Suchin Garbuja

Concierge, Suchin Garbuja has been selected for Vigilance’s S.O. Good Award for the 1st quarter of 2018. Congratulations Suchin! 

Above and Beyond   

Suchin Garbuja has been working as a concierge at a very high profile site, Citibank since 2016. All officers working at Citibank are of high calibre, smart, and hold the ability to handle emergency situations. There were few candidates who would deserve this award however, an unanimous decision was made to present this award to Suchin. 


Suchin’s duties as concierge at Citibank involve customer facing with visitors and contractors. Amongst other skills, these duties require excellent communication skills. 

Faultless Performance 

Personnel Director, Som Chochangi commended Suchin’s performance: 

“Suchin has performed his duties extremely well and has never received any negative feedback against him thus far.”

Company Commendations 

We are proud to engage, hire and award those who work diligently in the Vigilance community producing service to our customers. Please accept the commendation of all at Vigilance and the reward voucher for your S.O Good Performance. 


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