Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance Cameras

Our motion activated surveillance camera service constantly monitors and rapidly escalates responses to security threats at your property.

Vigilance’s end-to-end surveillance technology service detects, captures, analyses and reports instantly from customer security assignments via a secure platform. Internet enabled, strategically located ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) camera units monitor customer premises around the clock. Real time, AI enhanced images are analysed 24-hours a day by a dedicated monitoring team, reporting suspicious activity to the Vigilance control room. If a threat is verified our professional SIA licensed service responds, and customers receive a full report once any problems are solved.

Rapid Capture

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Our Motion Activated Camera Surveillance Service can be installed anywhere on private property to counter a wide range of security threats and risks, or Facilities Management (FM) needs, including:

  • Overt or covert private space surveillance
  • Unauthorised access or access control
  • Intruder & trespass detection
  • Perimeter/vulnerable area overwatch
  • Critical asset/infrastructure observation
  • Facilities & utilities monitoring
  • Personnel & vehicle audit
  • Fly-tipping, vandalism and anti-social behaviour detection
  • Construction and project management progress record keeping

System Advantages

  • Motion activated - advanced motion sensor detection
  • Covert operation - infrared LED day/night mode
  • Solar-powered - no external power needs
  • Cloud-based - mobile data network connected, secure data storage
  • Weather-proof - IP-rated ruggedised units withstand extreme conditions
  • HD - high definition image capture of intruder
  • 24/7 monitored - images assessed by humans with AI support
  • 24/7 managed - suspicious activity investigated by licensed security professionals
  • Professionally installed - low impact to SSAIB standards
  • Flexible - surveillance easily adapted to site changes
  • Private space monitoring - assured GDPR and Surveillance Camera Commissioner compliance
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How it works

Vigilance’s monitored surveillance cameras operate as a standalone service, or within our recommended blended security solutions combining technology, manpower and physical measures. Our rugged cameras are triggered by motion to transmit HD images by secure mobile data networks to Vigilance’s own cloud-based platform. Activation images are assessed by human eyes, assisted by AI technology to identify intrusions and respond to changing site conditions. All suspect activity is instantly escalated to our NSI Gold control room where Vigilance management further analyse and manage the required response. Customers receive prompt and appropriately detailed Activity Reports compiled in real time. The service takes an average of under 2 minutes from image upload to a suitable escalated response.


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