Case Study 16.05.18

Wholesale Distribution Warehouse, Merseyside


Wholesale Distribution Warehouse, Merseyside


Large distribution warehouse vacated post administration, subsequently subjected to mass traveller trespass, requiring eviction services and security manpower, physical security enhancements and supportive systems security to ensure ongoing asset protection.


·      A traveller eviction was instigated and coordinated with local police, and successfully processed and delivered in 24-hours or less, despite extreme levels of threat and intimidation.

·      Client kept consistently abreast of developments as operation progressed and final outcome achieved.

·      Asset values preserved, while associated damage and losses contained and mitigated by speed and coordination of eviction processing.

·      SIA licensed security in residence team in occupation around the clock, providing daily patrolling and visible deterrence.

·      Supply and installation of physical security fundamentals including SSAIB approved alarm systems, concrete bollards, temporary security gates and fencing.

·      Preservation of site integrity and protection against future attacks, ongoing control of daily visits and access requests, facilitation of works schedule.


·      Resolute, coordinated and highly efficient eviction processed in record timeframes.

·      Integrity of property and condition of broader site preserved through constant vigilance.

·      Mitigation of potential losses, and property vulnerabilities addressed post eviction.

·      Ongoing intruder deterrence through blended service provision; visible SIA licensed officers, supportive security systems, physical barriers.

·      Collaborative and exceptionally coordinated approach delivering rapid, highly efficient and cost-effective provision of necessary services.

·      All insurance and compliance needs met through combined leveraging of expertise, and accreditation.


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