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New security technology: could it replace manpower?

When it comes to safeguarding property, there’s no doubt that technology is incredibly useful. But to be truly effective, it needs to be part of a larger whole: just one element within a coherently designed security strategy, carefully integrated alongside set procedures and planned human inputs. Technology never stands still, and in the future, innovative security solutions will likely include greater use of latest technologies, like drones and AI - these would also need to be integrated into a holistic security approach.

With alarm systems, access control and security cameras in place, properties can be monitored remotely. These technologies provide a mild deterrent to opportunist vandals and criminals. Monitored GSM video systems are one solution that’s relatively economical to implement, and could supply evidence after the fact, if the property is broken into. 

Nonetheless, using a technology-led approach to protect property is not without limitations; it’s not a complete solution, and without being backed up by more human-driven responses, it will purely be reporting after the fact that something has already gone wrong. The reactive nature of technology contrasts with the proactive ability of humans to anticipate upcoming incidents. Simply recording events, without actually preventing or mitigating them, is not always enough. 

Additionally, technical malfunctions or maintenance issues may cause system outages, leaving the property completely open to risk until someone can be called in to resolve the issue and reinstate the technology. Contrary to common belief, security technologies like alarm systems are certainly not a ‘set it and forget it’ solution. Monitoring, management and manpower inputs must be taken into account, expertly planned in a way that gets the most from the technology available. 

That’s why at Vigilance we advocate using a blend of technology and manpower, working in harmony to maximise the benefits of both. Technologies such as alarm systems and CCTV towers can be cost effective, relatively quick to install, and efficient. But having a human presence on site adds a crucial extra layer of responsive security capability - and peace of mind. 

In fact, we believe that with today’s technological advances, having trained, professional staff at hand is more important than ever. They have the ability to think ahead, evaluate issues and risk, and mitigate these properly with a qualified and coordinated response. Human intelligence is a critical, but frequently overlooked resource in the drive to install the next newest technology.

With a balanced blend of technology and manpower on your side, you can rest assured your property will be safely protected from risk, and you’ll be much more able to preempt problems before they escalate. Because when it comes to security, you can’t afford to get it wrong. 

When new clients approach us, as an ACS supplier of security services our first task is to get a complete understanding of their unique needs and how best we can meet them. We craft a security proposal, which usually combines the most effective security technology with a robust, reliable security personnel presence. We’ll put everything in place as quickly as possible, handling installation, monitoring and man-management completely in house, so you know you’re working with the best. We continually monitor our performance throughout the length of the assignment, and we’re able to adjust our service provision as needs change. We’re flexible enough to adapt quickly, ready for whatever risk is coming next. 

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