News 09.11.17

Siddhartha School official opening

We are strongly committed to giving back and we are proud to have helped out in securing education for up to 240 pupils in Chiuribot, Nepal.

Our chairman, John Lennon visited Nepal to officially open the school, following earlier visits from other members of the board team. Joined by Vigilance’s partner GWT (Gurkha Welfare Trust) and its sister organisation GWS (Gurkha Welfare Scheme) the ceremonial opening took place on Tuesday 24th October.

The school opening has had a significant social impact as it provides access to education for primary and secondary school children within the local area. A two pronged support, the school now has the ability to educate greater numbers of children in primary education whilst also opening its doors to those children who seek to engage in secondary education. Previously, older children would be subject to a 6-hour daily trek to further their education at a secondary level.

In relation to his recent trip, John said “The local community were fantastic, I don’t think I have ever received a reception like it.”

Impact at home 

Our mission is to always provide a superior service with a security team which is the best of the best: highly trained, qualified and motivated to deliver. It is our people who are at the heart of everything we do and so our focus to engage within their communities and give back is of paramount importance. 

“Ultimately our commodity is the people that work within this business. This is what we believe in.”

Looking ahead

Whilst Vigilance remains steadfastly dedicated to partnering with GWT in the future, the next big initiative is yet to be set. Many schools across the region remain in disrepair and teaching posts within schools will need further funding to be filled appropriately. Watch this space for further updates on our next charitable mission! 


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