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Interview with Karen Howes, founder of International interior design firm Taylor Howes

This month we sat with Karen Howes, founder of International interior design firm Taylor Howes. Founded in 1993, Taylor Howes has a reputation of excellence. We were keen to sit with them and discuss how security considerations should be implemented in all businesses, regardless of sector. 

Tell us a bit about how you started your business. 

I started my business when I was 21. I bought my own flat with 100% mortgage (which you could in those days) and began to renovate it. I knew a few developers and once they saw what I’d done with the place they began to commission me on their work. It was an exciting time!


As an SME what is the key to your business success? 

The key to our success is in the relationships we build with our clients, suppliers, the artisans we commission, the press and, most importantly, each other within Taylor Howes. These relationships enable us to work closely with each cog of the interior design machine to create the most beautiful and bespoke interiors.


You mention in your anniversary video that your raison d’être revolves around honesty, creativity and passion. How do you and your team embody that on a daily basis? 

For me, my team are the catalysts of my creativity. Their energy constantly inspires me to create and work harder – and I hope I do the same for them! We’re known in the industry for operating more like a family than a business and I think this is reflected in the way each of our interiors is so full of our spirit and devotion.


As an interior design firm, what are your main security challenges? 

With such high value goods on display we work with the property owner or main contractor to ensure the pieces are secure. Usually, this includes the use of alarms, CCTV systems and coded doors.


What do you think the biggest challenge will be for British businesses in the coming years and how will you combat this? 

I can predict two challenges for the coming years. Firstly, Brexit is already having a big impact on the availability of good staff to bring into the business, and secondly, as the world is getting smaller, Intellectual Property is becoming more and more difficult to police, you really have to stay on your game to keep creative and constantly move forward.

We wish to thank Taylor Howes, and Karen for her time answering our questions. You can get in contact with the Taylor Howes team via

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