Blog 24.10.12

Happy Dasain & Tihar 2069

Vigilance wishes all its staff, workers and their families an incredibly Happy Dasain this year.

Proud & Diverse

The company is immensely proud of its diversity, and the heritage and traditions that the wider Vigilance family encompasses. The firm and its managers would like to extend its warmest thanks for all your hard efforts over this last 12 months. 


For those who have generously chosen to work and are sacrificing the chance to celebrate this auspicious and important time with their families, we give you our heartfelt thanks. We have extended a small Dashain token of our appreciation to all.


Vigilance is grateful for your continued professionalism, and it looks forward to working with you this coming new year. We very much look forward to driving forward and enjoying strong growth to the benefit of all in 2013.


A very prosperous and happy Tihar 2069 to all.


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