News 01.02.13

Rapid Response Team Formed

A long awaited new weapon in Vigilance's armoury is unveiled today with the formation of its new Rapid Response Team, to be known as the RRT. 

As its name suggests the RRT's purpose is to help Vigilance respond decisively to last minute client requirements, as well as to fulfil urgent shortfalls in existing provisions, and to service growth in developing areas of business.

The company has recruited a team of six outstanding individuals to assist in forming this brand new employee group that is intended to dramatically enhance Vigilance's reactive ability, giving the operations team much needed extra flexibility and contingency planning ability.

Vigilance's strategic plan includes growth of a new alarm response service, and much of the responsibility for meeting this new service level agreement will rest squarely upon the shoulders of the RRT.

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome the new members of the RRT to the Vigilance team, and we are confident that many of you will meet and greet them over the coming weeks and months.


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