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Summer 2016 calls for heightened security needs around the UK

As temperatures rise this summer so do risks of violence and vandalism as well as a sense of uncertainty in the UK. With ongoing Euro 2016 fan violence and controversy surrounding this week's imminent EU referendum decision, June is proving a month of frayed tempers and heightened security threats around the UK.

Sense of Uncertainty

Summer months have historically been a time of raised risk as holidaying homeowners leave houses empty and instances of opportunistic theft increase. But additional more orchestrated threats can surface as the days grow longer. With students out of term, the summer months can see an increase in organised protests, and as the thermometer rises so too can general boredom and discontent among young people. More modern security threats like hacking and hacktivism acts are typically triggered during weekends, holidays, and summer months when fewer employees are at their desks to monitor online activities.

Opinions Polarized, Tempers Frayed

In recent years the UK has seen a steady statistical decline in criminal acts, with the Crime Survey for England & Wales 2015 posting an estimated 8% decrease in incidents affecting households and adults from the previous year. But over the same time there was a 5% rise in police recorded crime and a 16% rise in violent incidents. Tragically this summer may prove one that sees these trends continue, as opinions polarize and tempers fray, fanned by political uncertainty and ongoing global security threats.

Advancements Showcased

Perhaps it comes as no coincidence that the biggest annual UK security industry event IFSEC takes place at ExCel Centre this week. The event showcases the latest technology and advancements across the security sector and provides an opportunity for Vigilance Properties to participate in industry leading discussions about how to evaluate, manage, protect and mitigate threat and risk. Participating in market leading events like IFSEC ensure Vigilance’s products and services are of the highest standard.

Mitigate Risks

As the summer builds, we’re keeping up to date with the latest security threats and the most innovative products to keep our customers and their property protected in 2016.

Stay safe and enjoy this summer.


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