Case Study 11.11.16

Why a career at Vigilance Properties is an ideal next-step for ex-Services personnel.

With Armistice Day today and Remembrance Sunday this weekend, it is now, more than ever, that we reflect on the importance of helping ex-Services personnel to further their careers at Vigilance Properties. We are extremely proud that over three quarters of our management team are ex-Armed Forces and the vast majority of the operational staff are former officers and senior NCOs. 

Vigilance Properties upholds many of the same values as the Armed Forces, including integrity and loyalty, as well as requiring many of the same skills; leadership, management, teamwork, communication, empathy, discipline and problem solving. These values and skills are transferable between roles therefore making a job at Vigilance an ideal next-step for ex-Service personnel. Former Royal Marines Commando, now Assistant Services Manager, Will Fox said “Vigilance was a natural progression for me, to be working alongside like-minded people who obtained the same personal qualities and standards, operating with the uppermost professionalism.”

Not only is Vigilance Properties a great match in terms of general skill set, but also for social skills. A Vigilance employee, and previous ex-Serviceman, when talking about his colleagues once said “I don’t know him, but I know him”. Highlighting the fact that ex-Service staff have similar qualities and make up, having been through the same training and experiences, thus making them perfect co-workers.

At Vigilance Properties we manage our staff using the ‘Mission Command’ style adopted by the Army, rather than micro-managing. We have a resilient recruitment process that involves intensive vetting and induction to ensure that each member of staff is competent and committed. This gives managers faith in their staff; they need to know less about the ins-and-outs of their team’s day-to-day, and can instead place trust in their abilities to get the job done.

All personnel, from the most senior director to the newest recruit, are trained and licensed to meet the required SIA industry standards – however this is just a starting point. Vigilance Properties’ pool of skills contains a vast breadth and depth of qualification which is ever growing to meet the demands of our clients and tasks. In order to do this, Vigilance Properties maintains a close bond with the Armed Forces, and its affiliated organisations and charities, to source those with the right background and attributes to help fulfil even the most challenging briefs.

We remember the sacrifices of the past, and are always grateful for the hard work and dedication of our Armed Forces and we will carry on supporting them to continue their careers post-service, now and in future. 


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