News 13.12.18

Christmas Security Orders

With Christmas approaching the need for protection of properties becomes a priority. Those who unlawfully target properties know that opportunity knocks as festive season arrives; police capacity dips, available legal services and evictions often defer into the new year. Prolonged and costly customer headaches may result. 

Vigilance appreciates security problems are seldom predictable or planned. We have a proven record of outstanding service delivery with little warning. But last year we saw unprecedented levels of enquiries for quite predictable security needs just before the break. As an organisation Vigilance wants always to help our clients, but our capacity is finite and we have to plan to deliver a quality service. 

So, even if your security need is not definite just probable, please let us know now to avoid disappointment later. Whether you are interested in our licensed security guarding services, our market-leading ACS-accredited security in residence or security fundamentals like barriers or security systems, please call 0203 416 5340 and we'd be delighted to help. 


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