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Inside the International Security Expo 2018

This month saw the International Security Expo 2018 in London showcase new technologies covering every major sector of the security industry. Vigilance sees technology as integral to its security offering and the expo is a key source of inspiration for developing bespoke solutions for its clients.

With two days of product demonstrations, workshops and conferences, the International Security Expo at London Olympia this December offeredVigilance leading insight into the latest trends and technology out there. This year, Vigilance directors and team noted significant focus on the convergence of physical and cyber security, new perimeter security innovations, surveillance developments and proof of service as the key innovationsthat really stood out.

Blending physical and cyber solutions

The integration of technology with physical security is one of the most important and technically challenging realities faced by all providers and suppliers of security services and products. And Vigilance is no different. The market today demands holistic solutions that supply both manned as well as technologically-driven security services, something Vigilance is often asked for through its Security Fundamentals services.

Traditionally separate areas of expertise and product offering, physical and technological security were typically serviced by different companies in the past. What was clear from the expo is that the same cannot be said today. Security firms are now expected to provide both physical and technological solutions in one combined, all-encompassing approach. The expo’s exhibition space was clear evidence of seeing this in action, with test, trial integrated and ‘smart’ security products available to view and discuss with designers, even if they were only the tip of the iceberg of what’s available on the wider market.

Vigilance has always sought to position itself at the forefront of integrated thinking, with a number of strong partnerships formed in 2018 as well as the incorporation of several security disciplines, from high definition wireless IoT Surveillance Cameras and GSM alarm system services, to physical boundary and perimeter solutions. This has been a success and the convergence of security services is leading to greater opportunities for companies and customers, achieving a net reduction in security costs. 

Innovation in perimeter security

The focus in perimeter security for Vigilance is key toward mitigating the risk of unauthorised trespassers and vehicles getting onto sites, and there was no lack ofnew ideas and solutions at the expo giventhe number of new products being showcased. New systems will only strengthen protection for potentially weak perimeters against problems like squatting, traveller encampments and criminal activity. 

It’s always been Vigilance’s belief that prevention is the best form of protection, and with highlights from the expo including robust fencing systems that can be rapidly deployed to prevent unauthorised trespassers on site, that could soon become a reality. 

Advances in surveillance  

The proliferation of surveillance offerings was hard to miss at this year’s expo, with exhibitors displaying 4K cameras, video analytics, drones featuring facial recognition and thermal imaging, not to mention body-worn cameras and residential video solutions.

Having the latest in surveillance technology is not a panacea on its own, however. It takes time, research and operational testing to find the right solutionfor the right assignment. At Vigilance, the OperationsTeam keep track of the latest usage and protocols, seeing this as just as an important feature in deployment as the technology itself. 

Towards proof of service

The arrival of smartphones was a gamechanger in delivering proof of service. Whereas previously these systems were installed by way of an online portal with bespoke hardware following, now proof of service dominates the market.  

Proof of service vendors are increasingly offering smartphone apps (usually free) to be configured and installed remotely, reducing the need for high expenditure on single purpose devices and simplifying deployment and data transfer.

It’s not just the hardware that’s no longer single purpose either. Now software toolsadd functionality to things like activity reporting, proposal generation and real time views. At the same time, vast amounts of data offer fantastic opportunities for detailed reporting and risk-related insights. 

As far as Vigilance is concerned, after an exciting and stimulating expo this year, the future’s looking very bright indeed.

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