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Insurance and security - the perfect partnership

When it comes to risk, insurers are the ultimate experts. Their business depends on understanding and managing risk, in order to minimise the potential for costly claims. As the saying goes, prevention is better than a cure. Insurers provide risk management support and advice to their clients with a view to reducing their exposure as much as possible.

Vigilance is a trusted security partner to a number of the UK’s largest insurance firms. We work on their behalf to provide security advice to their clients, ensuring that potential security weaknesses have been effectively identified, assessed from a risk perspective and have the adequate security measure identified to meet this risk.This gives peace of mind to both the insurers and their clients; we all have a common goal, which is to keep the client’s property safe from any risk.

Many of our insurance clients are from the property and construction industries, and they value our opinion and expertise in the security field. When it comes to protecting property, and construction sites, there are a number of security risks to consider. For example, theft, trespass, squatting vandalism and personal injury are all common problems when it comes to property and construction – and can be an expensive issues to correct.

The security measures we put in place for our property and construction clients will vary depending on each sites unique requirements; we’ll create a security risk assessment for each project individually.

At the first stage, after an initial assessment of a clients site, we’ll make a number of recommendations designed to safeguard your assets as cost-effectively as possible. Working hands-on to put the right blend of security measures in place, these measures might include systems security solutions , improved fencing and lighting, or having trained SIA licensed security personnel on-site around the clock.

Once these solutions are in place we’ll continually evaluate the site to stay ahead of any changing in the risk profile of an asset. Our solutions are designed around each client, and evolve as their needs change - it’s an end-to-end service which is continually reviewed. For example, once an empty property evolves into a working construction site, security risks change and so too would the security provisions we recommend to protect it.

Vigilance can provide security measures for every level of requirement, we aim to be flexible while meeting clients budgets. Nonetheless, we believe security is one of the most important investments you can make. Doing the minimum when it comes to security measures being put in place might cost less in the short term, but can be ineffective in meeting the security threats posed to an asset. Taking this into account, many of our clients prefer to invest in a higher level of security protection initially rather than be exposed to the financial and associated costs a breach of security might cause. We’re happy to advise, and let you find the right balance for your business.

We work across the UK, and our teams can be mobilised at very short notice. As security professionals, we take our work extremely seriously - and our successful track record is something in which we take great pride. 


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