News 03.03.21

In conversation with Aviva and Logicor, on combating aggravated trespass in empty commercial properties

Empty commercial properties are easy and attractive targets for criminals and trespassers. Leaving a property empty with inadequate security leaves it at high risk of crime, damage and accidents – all of which cost money and time to resolve. 

“As far as statistics are concerned, for the latest period where I've got available data the average cost of a claim, you know, where trespassers have gained access illegally is around £275,000, and has been known to go into the millions of pounds” 

Andy G, Aviva.

The Coronavirus pandemic has affected thousands of businesses within the UK, causing businesses to continue their operations from home or having to furlough their staff – leaving an increased number of commercial properties empty and vulnerable targets for trespassers to exploit for their gain.

Due to the rise in risk and frequency of aggravated trespass Vigilance in partnership with Aviva and Logicor hosted a webinar in January 2021 to bring you recommendations of ways to mitigate the risk and costs associated with aggravated trespassers.

You can rewatch the webinar here.

From the webinar, Vigilance has created a comprehensive report that gives property and asset managers the nine best ways you can protect your vacant properties. There are also insights into the insurer’s perspective of the risks they look for you to protect against, as well as case studies. You can download the report here.


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